The Elder


Series A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Age 2,000 Years Old
Birthday September 26
Relations Ginger (Granddaughter)
Gender Male ♂
Height No taller then a hand
Weight Size of a nickel
Hair White
Eyes Black
First Appearance
Appears on the end of episode 4 of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*

The Elder (エルダーErudā) is one of the characters from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. He is the wisest fairy all in the fairy world. It is said that he is Ginger 's grandfather. The Elder is the leader of the season fairies and capable of creating any kind of weather.

Appearance Edit

The Elder doesn't really change his clothes through out the anime and manga. He is always wearing a long robe that is white with a red cape around the top of his shoulders. He haves a red hat that matches his cape. Some yellow is on the cape. He haves pointed shoes on that look like elf's would wear. 

His hair is pure white and his eyes are black. His hair looks like it's fluffy shown in his picture. 

Personalty Edit

The Elder doesn't really have a personalty to describe, but he sure is active. He some reason haves a thing for his granddaughter Ginger and is very attractive her that way. He tries to tell her how he feels of his feelings all through the episodes. He some reason gets jealous when Turmeric's by his granddaughter Ginger . He's Foolish, demented, unusual, odd, and outgoing.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Edit

When the Elder arrives the town starts to get noisy. He comes down from the sky on the end of episode four of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. He comes to check upon the training season fairy's flowers.

He makes it rain the next morning (on episode five) trying to impress Ginger. Ginger not at all was, but was course why the Elder of people would be in the human world. He doesn't really tell Ginger why, but ties to tell her how he feels deeply about her. It never turns out right and he always does something where she leaves. 

Later on in the episodes, Sugar bes late for practice for the Elder. He doesn't yell at Salt and Pepper . When Sugar arrives he scolds her. Because of this it makes Sugar and Saga argue about the noise she makes with her interment. 

When still trying to confess his love to Ginger, Pepper, Salt, and Sugar asks him where can they find the Twinkle . He doesn't really like giving out hints to people, but he only told them they will only find it if they go around Saga. Meaning to them that Saga is there pride in joy. Salt, Sugar, and Pepper believe him and the Elder once again made Saga get angry.